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We know demand changes, so we designed a program just for that.

Changing and/or unpredictable consumer demand.
Need to balance order quantities with budgeted costs.
Lost sales due to stock-outs or over-stocks.
Sound familiar?
Choose our Design Level Order Program as a solution to effectively reduce shelf-level inconsistencies.


  • Optimize order quantities to meet current demand.
  • Reduce traditional lead-times associated with packaging orders.
  • Improve working capital by not having money tied up in slow-moving inventory.
  • Increase lifetime customer value by alleviating consumer frustration due to stock-outs Case studies coming soon!

Industry-best technology and certifications guarantee compliance and peace of mind.

We’ve taken the time to listen to our customers and fully research the industries we serve. Our focus has been to invest in only the best and most relevant solutions that enable us to deliver product to you quickly, safely, and reliably. Every time.


ISO 9001:2000 Certification demonstrates our commitment to service quality excellence and continual improvement across all processes and procedures.

Food Safety

AIB Certification ensures finished product complies with current food safety standards and requirements


  • Inventory Management System: 99% inventory accuracy
  • Full visibility of all finished goods down to the case level.
  • Location, history, and usage details available on-demand.


  • Total traceability from receipt of raw material through shipment of finished product.
  • ERP system provides transparency, validity, and rapid response time required to help you meet government, customer, and consumer demands.
  • Automatically controlled – Removes human error.


Leary Scanning & Ejector System:

  • 100% inspection of all paperboard packaging guarantees zero mixed copy.
  • Ejector system removes all non-conforming product from the finishing line.

We translate your creative vision into well-engineered design.

Beauty and Brains

Who says you can’t have it all? Your package design will look great in stores and on the shelves – those are givens. At Graph-Pak, you can expect even more – we deliver packaging solutions that are beautiful, inside and out. From your filling lines to delivery and distribution – on retail shelves and in shopper’s homes – your package will perform. We’re committed to delivering solutions that are fresh, functional, and capable of being mass-produced efficiently and economically.
We incorporate the latest structural design technology that allows us to go from concept to prototype in record time.





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